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Flar.app redefines the shopping discovery ​experience through cutting-edge ​computer vision, mixed reality ​technologies and 3D printing. Our ​platform empowers users to seamlessly ​navigate the realms of style and fashion, ​offering personalised recommendations, ​immersive shopping experiences and the ​ability to scan and 3D print objects that ​transcend traditional boundaries.

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Soon, there will be No need to be a part ​of what contributes so much pollution ​and devastation to the planet.

Fast fashion creates 8-10% of global CO2 ​emissions (2.1B tons/year), 92M tons of ​textile waste annually, 500K tons of ​microplastics in oceans, and 93B cubic ​meters of water used.

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Using our 3D printing fulfilment centres, ​there is no need to own a 3D printer; use ​our text to 3D prompt or scan from our ​app using your device camera. You can ​also use templates to create your unique ​designs or shop from designs created by ​others with your unique customisations.

Our approach uses sustainable materials ​to reduce waste and achieve net zero.

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virtually ​physically

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Using Gen Ai, computer vision, ​and voice assistant ​technology on the​ app

Virtual Try-Ons & 3d interaction

Visualise how products will look in 3D

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